The Lightning Strikes

Rachel Hill is struggling to get out of the life she was raised in. With only two more semesters to go, she’ll have her college degree and her ticket out of town. But, it seems as though bad luck is raining down on her and when the company she works for goes out of business, her income goes from meager to nothing. She’s desperate to find a way to pay for school.

Even if it means baring her body to a room full of strangers.

Liam Bennett’s career as an artist exploded in college but his roots are still in his hometown and he returns there to settle down. Despite having watched each of the Mayson brothers and his best friend find their boom, he doesn’t think it will happen to him. When the new model for his painting class steps into the room, everything changes. He doesn’t believe in soul mates.

Until the lightning strikes and he finds his BOOM!



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