When You Love


Second chances can be the sweetest.

Maddie harbored feelings for her best friend since the moment they met. She never expected Kyle to confess his love for her, but when he did, she was forced to make an impossible choice. Stay with the man she’d just committed to, or take a chance on a relationship with Kyle. She was afraid to risk ruining their friendship, but that’s exactly what happened when she turned him down.

Kyle told Maddie he’d always be there for her, but he took off after she crushed his heart and didn’t speak to her for six years. Now he’s back, taking a job as the veterinarian on the same spread where Maddie is the ranch manager.

When he discovers Maddie never got married, Kyle is determined to finally convince Maddie to take a risk and give him a chance. Only now he’s got even more to prove because she doesn’t trust him to stick around.


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