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Saving Kendrix 

The Fae Guard #4

Release: March 16, 2016

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I’ve lived in shadows all of my life
Feeling empty, but never knowing what I was truly missing
I’ve been taught to hide my talents and be invisible
Until Kendrix walks into my life and sees me. All of me.
I know he is my destiny, but he is holding himself back
There is something he isn’t telling me
I’m afraid when the truth comes out, it will tear us apart

I made a choice to give up my soul and forever alter my destiny
I embraced abilities that I’d kept hidden
But they don’t make up for what I’ve lost
It seems a cruel trick of Fate that I finally met the one who was meant to be mine
And yet, I can never have her
My job is to deceive Alysia and ultimately, to give her up
But the darkness calls to me
Tempting me to hide in the shadows with her forever

Kendrix soul teaser

    Hell is often portrayed as a burning pit of fire. However, I’m beginning to wonder if Dante had it right. It seems logical to believe there are nine levels of hell that are broken down into something like another eighteen circles. Each one different, each one designated to specific sins, and each one with their own unique atmosphere, not all of which are hot  with fire. Where I stand, right now, is one circle of Hell. But, it is cold and dark, filled with misery at knowing what I’ve left behind and what is stretched before me. I do my best no to dwell on what was, because there is no greater pain than remembering times of love and joy, when they are forever out of your reach. You cannot pluck them from the past, and you’ll never find them in your future.
The only thing I have to cling to is my purpose, the reason I made the choice to fall into my own level of Hell.  A small fraction of my soul is tightly gripped, enough to remind me what I must do and why I have no choice but to succeed. Beyond that, I have no comprehension of what my future holds after this assignment. I’m finally embracing my abilities as a fate reader, but I am blind to my own destiny. What I see before me is an eternal stretch of blackness.
I can only try my best not to fully succumb to evil. But, if I’m bound to live in darkness forever, is there really any other choice?

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